Welcome to Compita.

Our mission is to help your organisation achieve world-class delivery for your customers through world-class performance. We do this by becoming your partner for change, helping you to accelerate the adoption of best practice, ensuring efficient operation through streamlined processes. Our clients value the expertise we bring to adaptability and change management.

This helps you get the most out of your resources - and helps your customers get the most out of you.


Our Services

We provide Training, Benchmarking and Assessment, Real-Time Analytics and 'Big Data', Change Management, Outsourcing, Programme and Process Management, Governance and Compliance services.


Compita's InTranSus methodology for change management is the engine that drives our approach to transformation. With its three phases (Initiate - Transform - Sustain) it is a proven way to deliver clear and effective business, IT and cultural change. InTranSus consists of a change management methodology as well as a broad toolkit of supporting methods, tools, templates and techniques.

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Explore our site and find out how we can help you transform your business. From building a roadmap for change and justifying the cost of transformation, through the detail of defining new processes, to adopting these processes to guarantee that new capability will be sustained, we are your partner for change, and together we can make that change happen.

Compita: making change first, then making change last.